Michael Strahan wonders why Giants didn’t honor him sooner

Michael Strahan retired with a walk-off Super Bowl win, 14 years ago. Finally, the Giants are retiring his jersey.

While it’s better late than never, Strahan recently wondered why it was so late.

“All of the things that I did with the Giants, I would have expected it a little bit sooner, but it’s still an honor,” Strahan said in a Zoom conference call earlier this week, via the Associated Press. “Things come in the time in which they’re meant to come and not at the time in which you want them to come, sometimes. That’s the way I’m looking at it. I don’t want it to look as if I’m ungrateful or I’m not honored by it, because I truly am. I probably would’ve expected it to come a little bit sooner than it did.”

It’s almost as if the Giants forgot to do it, and that they realized after deciding to honor quarterback Eli Manning so quickly after his retirement that they hadn’t honored Strahan.

Or maybe the Giants would simply like to minimize the number of games during which they honor the men who contributed to their four Super Bowl wins. From Lawrence Taylor in 1994 to Phil Simms in 1995 to Eli Manning earlier this year, the Giants are 0-3 when halftime is spent looking backward instead of forward.